Uploading Receipts and Invoices

To upload a document, click into your company (from the All Companies screen), select Upload within the appropriate folder and drag and drop the file from your desktop into the window and specify your upload settings:

Which folder to select:
- Bills/Purchases: upload your bills, purchases and receipts (money out)
- Sales/Sales Invoices: upload customer payments (money in)
- Expense Reports: upload your personal expenses (for reimbursement)

Select your upload settings:
- Auto: automatically detects single and multiple-page items
- Item per page: splits out each item in the upload onto its own page
- Single item: each page in the upload is part of a single receipt or invoice
- Capture line items on purchases: extracts line item details

Once successfully uploaded, a green tick will appear beside the file. The transaction(s) will now appear within the Inbox of the folder you just uploaded to.

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